Friday, February 27, 2009

allure (ing)

Thanks to Tania from Channel 9 Australia for spotting this!

I do realize that just reading press clippings about UNHEE may not
be terribly interesting for anyone except my mother, after whom my line is named, and maybe a couple of her church cronies.
So I will try to post more interesting things.

I did come across a photo of Alexa Chung on Garance Doré's street fashion blog ( and thought she was quite lovely, as well as the asian bird named Susie who has hair that my hair wishes it was, thick and lush and silky.

Also, my new website is up and running!
Thanks to Neal and Curtis at iDesign (
Check it.
I'll be adding new things to the "shop" section so check back once in a while and say hello.


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