Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

U N H E E spring/summer 2010

The Unhee ss2010 collection is here!
I am in love with every piece.
Please click on the image to enlarge.
Enjoy! xx, S

Krissie in the ORBIT DRESS in 'Pixel Grey' (cotton)

Ingrid in the ELEPHANT DRESS in 'Candy Stripe' (cotton)

Leona in the QUANTUM ROMPER in 'Black and Blue Batik' (hand dyed cotton)

Kelly in the QUANTUM ROMPER in 'Lavender Grey' (organic cotton/ bamboo)

Suzy in the LEAP DRESS in 'Moth' (hand dyed cotton)

Sarah in the LEAP DRESS in Black (organic cotton/ bamboo)

Krissie in the HANK DRESS in Cobalt (rayon and silk)

Sarah in the STRAPLESS WHY DRESS in 'Ramada Floral' (hand dyed cotton)

Kate in the ELEPHANT DRESS in 'Black and Blue Batik' (hand dyed cotton)

Photos by Kim Grisco
Please direct all inquiries to

Monday, June 15, 2009

smoke she is a risin'

Liela just emailed me this picture.
Wearing a custom Unhee top and Philip Lim necklace.
Hot mama!
The Duke Spirit should be coming to a town near you soon this summer and I highly recommend you go see them.

On another note, the Corpse Flower should be blooming soon at the Huntington Gardens, I think I'm going to go wednesday.
I guess the last time it bloomed was in 1999 and some 79,000 people came to see it?
Hopefully they won't all be there wednesday.
I can't believe I haven't been to the Botanical gardens at the Huntington.
I've become obsessed with landscaping and gardening so I am super excited to visit!


Friday, May 29, 2009

NYLON Music Issue

I'm so excited that UNHEE is in the July 2009 issue of NYLON, The music issue with Karen O on the cover.
ooh weee!
(you can click on the picture to enlarge it to read the interview)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Yesterday I went down to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to watch my friends, The Duke Spirit, perform.
The green room had everything, catered food, open bar, pool table, video games...
I've really got to remember to bring my camera to things like these.
The always amazing Liela looked gorgeous in her custom made UNHEE elephant top and the way that fabric caught the light, fantastico!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A fun story that Emili Vesilind wrote for the LA TIMES about the 50th anniversary of the pink princess.

It was really neat to read that Jeremy Scott also made Barbie clothes out of tissue and tape!

Read it here:

Nony Tochterman, Jeremy Scott, Jenny Kayne, Suzy Yun and Tarina Tarantino all learned at the tiny feet of the woman who turns 50 this year.

Friday, February 27, 2009

allure (ing)

Thanks to Tania from Channel 9 Australia for spotting this!

I do realize that just reading press clippings about UNHEE may not
be terribly interesting for anyone except my mother, after whom my line is named, and maybe a couple of her church cronies.
So I will try to post more interesting things.

I did come across a photo of Alexa Chung on Garance Doré's street fashion blog ( and thought she was quite lovely, as well as the asian bird named Susie who has hair that my hair wishes it was, thick and lush and silky.

Also, my new website is up and running!
Thanks to Neal and Curtis at iDesign (
Check it.
I'll be adding new things to the "shop" section so check back once in a while and say hello.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I heart NY

Liela Moss, in a custom UNHEE elephant top, at the Alexander McQueen for Target launch party.

I had an amazing 4 days in NYC.
I love it.
I always have a great time, regardless of the weather.
Didn't go to any fashion shows but saw a lot of music and a lot of friends.
Friday, UNHEE got a cute write up in the NY METRO

Friday eve, went to the Alexander McQueen for Target party where The Duke Spirit performed.
Liela wore a custom UNHEE top and sounded amazing.
Sat went to the Natural History Museum and saw Anita Baker at Radio City Music Hall, random.
Sunday drove up to Hoboken to see The Dukes at Maxwells, my favorite Dukes show to date.
They sounded amazing, Liela look beautiful, sounded beautiful, and the crowd loved it.
Sean Avery even loved it, he told me so.
Can't wait to go back.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This month's ANGELENO MAGAZINE 'Best of' Issue.
UNHEE is Los Angeles' Best of Style for 2009!
You can tell by the picture that I'm all business, a real straight shooter.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank you Selma!

For being so lovely in my jumper that your photo has been run in so many magazines!
It was really so exciting to see and I am even more excited for
the u n h e e 2009 collection, due to be out in Feb, so keep in touch!